On T-sequences and characterized subgroups

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Let X be a compact metrizable abelian group and u={un} be a sequence in its dual group X̂. Set su(X)={x:(un,x)→1} and T0H={(zn)εT∞:zn→1}. Let G be a subgroup of X. We prove that G=su(X) for some u iff it can be represented as some dually closed subgroup Gu of ClXGxT0H. In particular, su(X) is polishable. Let u={un} be a T-sequence. Denote by (X̂,u) the group X̂ equipped with the finest group topology in which un→0. It is proved that (X̂,u)̂=Gu and n(X̂,u)=su(X)⊥. We also prove that the group generated by a Kronecker set cannot be characterized.

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JournalTopology and its Applications
Issue number18
StatePublished - 1 Dec 2010


  • Characterized group
  • Dual group
  • Kronecker set
  • Polish group
  • T-sequence
  • TB-sequence
  • Von Neumann radical

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