On the marketing of nations and multinational corporations: A competitive positioning mapping

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Examines the competitive position of countries in Southern Europe in attracting multinational corporations (MNCs) through direct foreign investments (DFIs). Articulates the primary factors considered by multinational corporations when setting up activities through foreign direct investments. Develops techniques that are based on the perceptions of MNCs to help policymakers make their nations more appealing for direct foreign investments. Utilizes positioning mapping techniques to map manager perceptions of various Southern European countries (i.e. France, Spain, Greece and Italy). Finds the competitive positioning of the four countries. Estimates the ideal mix for a combination of the two most important factors involved when MNCs evaluate a country. Provides mappings of countries to evaluate their position in terms of attractiveness for MNC activities as an independent evaluation, or as part of a competitive assessment. Discusses actions that may be taken by a specific country to position itself favorably for DFIs.

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JournalManagement Decision
Issue number4
StatePublished - 1 May 2001


  • Competitive strategy
  • Foreign investment
  • Multinationals

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