Optimization of RFID tags coil's system stability under delayed electromagnetic interferences

Ofer Aluf

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This article discusses the very crucial subject of RFID TAG-s stability. RFID equivalent circuits of a label can be represented as Parallel circuits of Capacitance (Cpl), Resistance (Rpl), and Inductance (Lpc). We define V(t) as the voltage that develops on the RFID label therefore making dV(t)/dt the voltage-time derivative. Due to electromagnetic interference, there are different time delays with respect to RFID label voltages and voltage time derivatives. We define V1(t) as V(t) and V2(t) as dV(t)/dt. The delayed voltage and voltage derivative are V1(t-τ1) and V2(t-τ1) respectively (τ1≠τ2). The RFID equivalent circuit can be represented as a delayed differential equation that depends on variable parameters and delays. The investigation of RFID-s differential equation is based on bifurcation theory [1], which is the study of possible changes in the structure of the orbits of a delayed differential equation as a function of variable parameters. This article first illustrates certain observations and analyzes local bifurcations of an appropriate arbitrary scalar delayed differential equation [2]. RFID label stability analysis is done under different time delays with respect to label voltage and voltage derivative. Additional analysis of the bifurcations of RFID-s delayed differential equation on the circle. Bifurcation behavior of specific delayed differential equations can be condensed into bifurcation diagrams. This serves to optimize dimensional parameters analysis of RFID TAGs under electromagnetic interferences to get ideal performances.

Original languageEnglish
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JournalInternational Journal of Engineering Business Management
Issue number1
StatePublished - 13 Dec 2012
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