Part 1: French case study

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The French case study consisted of a collective building with 18 apartments on four floors near Grenoble. It is part of an urban development around the local railway station. The building pioneers the new French national thermal regulation for 2020 and aims to generate savings for tenants thanks to energy autonomy. It includes several innovative technologies. A heat exchanger of the biomass urban heating network is used to provide heat. PV modules exploit solar radiation to generate electricity and heat simultaneously. An additional renewable energy source is a modular all-in-one smart roof edge system. The French case study required coordination among multiple stakeholders and dynamic project management due to several changes in its requirements throughout the project.

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Title of host publicationNet-Zero and Positive Energy Communities
Subtitle of host publicationBest Practice Guidance Based on the ZERO-PLUS Project Experience
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StatePublished - 1 Jan 2023

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