Patient satisfaction, quality indicators and utilization of dental services in Israel

A. Berg, T. Horev, S. P. Zusman

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Lack of dental data induced JDC-Brookdale Institute to undertake a wide scope research in the general population. The present paper is part of this research and its main objective is to pinpoint differences in accessibility, availability and quality of services by service type. The sampling basis was the Israeli population over 22 years of age. Data was gathered by telephone interviews during March-May 1998. In Kupot Holim clinics, the proportion of people reporting presence of auxiliary personnel (RDH, DSA, etc.) was highest as well as those reporting that the dentist explained their problem and the treatment. In the Kupot clinics, the waiting time to receive an appointment is longest, while in public clinics the waiting time in the clinic is the longest. However, the waiting time in the Kupot clinic till treatment is received is shortest. The findings show that satisfaction with dentists attitude (81%), order and cleanliness in the Kupot clinics (90%) is highest, compared to private (79% and 78% accordingly) and public (55% and 46% accordingly) clinics. When overall satisfaction with the dentist was requested, highest proportion that gave 'very good mark was in private and kibbutz clinics (63% and 67% accordingly), compared to kupot clinics (49%) public clinics (55%) and to company/commercial clinics (43%). It is pertinent to mention that price is regarded as high among patients of kupot clinics than in private clinics. The findings of the research imply that in a competitive market, such as the dental market, providers that want to survive have to adjust their practices to the patients expectations. This means providing more explanations of their medical problem and its treatment. Waiting time in public clinics should be shortened, and furthermore, geographical distribution should be improved.

Original languageEnglish
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Issue number12
StatePublished - 1 Jan 2001
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