Photo-voices from the classroom: photovoice as a creative learning methodology in social work education

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Studies have demonstrated the need for innovative and creative teaching methodologies in the field of social work education; some have pointed to the photovoice model of qualitative research in the social work classroom as a model that embodies these criteria. This paper presents implementations of the photovoice model used in three different courses for social work students: 1) International Social Work; 2) Community Work; 3) Orientation to Social Work. The paper presents four different examples, demonstrating photovoice’s potential as a creative tool in student learning processes. These examples are discussed with reference to the value of creativity in the social work education framework: facilitating the internalization of the values, professional goals, modes of action of the social work; and phenomenological examination of social realities, in a way that allows the student to “freeze” certain moments in the learning experience, and to critically examine different interpretations and meanings of these realities.

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JournalSocial Work Education
StatePublished - 1 Jan 2020
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  • Creativity
  • learning process
  • photovoice
  • social work education

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