Yuval Goren (Inventor)

Research output: Patent


According to one broad aspect of the invention, there is provided a microscope comprising a base, an imaging unit, and a polarizer device. The base carries a sample holding unit mounted on said base and defining an illumination path. The imaging unit is spaced apart from the sample holding unit along an imaging path. The sample holding unit comprises a housing carrying a light source for producing input light, a sample support member, condensing optics in the illumination path between the light source and the sample support member. The condensing optics comprises first and second condensing lens assemblies arranged in a spaced apart relationship along the illumination path. The polarizer device comprises an analyzer unit located in the illumination path between said first and second condensing lens assemblies, and a polarizer element located in the imaging unit.

Original languageEnglish
Patent numberWO2012137212
IPCG02B 21/ 26 A I
Priority date6/04/11
StatePublished - 11 Oct 2012


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