PR-box correlations have no classical limit

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One of Yakir Aharonov's endlessly captivating physics ideas is the conjecture that two axioms, namely relativistic causality ("no superluminal signalling") and nonlocality, so nearly contradict each other that a unique theory - quantum mechanics - reconciles them. But superquantum (or "PR-box") correlations imply that quantum mechanics is not the most nonlocal theory (in the sense of nonlocal correlations) consistent with relativistic causality. Let us consider supplementing these two axioms with a minimal third axiom: there exists a classical limit in which macroscopic observables commute. That is, just as quantum mechanics has a classical limit, so must any generalization of quantum mechanics. In this classical limit, PR-box correlations violate relativistic causality. Generalized to all stronger-than-quantum bipartite correlations, this result is a derivation of Tsirelson's bound without assuming quantum mechanics.
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StatePublished - 31 Jul 2014


  • quant-ph


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