President Donald Trump's Abraham Accords initiative: Prospects for Israel, the Arab states, and Palestinians

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Focusing on recent U.S. policy developments toward the Middle East, this commentary examines the potential influence of the Abraham Accords' agreements on politics in the region, the resolution of the Israeli–Palestinian conflict, and the future of Israel as a democratic and Jewish state. It is based on a review of media coverage of the accords. It begins with a brief history of President Donald Trump's earlier Middle East policies involving Jerusalem, the West Bank, and the “Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action” limiting Iran's access to nuclear weapons. I then examine the development of the Abraham Accords under the direction of Jared Kushner. This is followed by an analysis of the potential consequences of the Accords on relations between Israel and the Arab states including Saudi Arabia, on the Israeli–Palestinian conflict, and on the potential policy implications for the Palestinians. I close with a comment on the future sustainability of Israel as a Jewish and democratic political entity. Related Articles: Friedlander, Melvin A. 1988. “Jimmy Carter's Fascination with the Middle East.” Politics & Policy (formerly, Southeastern Political Review) 16(1): 205–30. Jouini, Nizar, and Manel Ben Akal. 2022. “Political Consensus, Economic Reforms, and Democratic Transitions in the Middle East: Evidence from Voting on Tunisian Reform Bills.” Politics & Policy 50(4): 851–71. Sarquís, David J. 2012. “Democratization after the Arab Spring: The Case of Egypt's Political Transition.” Politics & Policy 40(5): 871–903.

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JournalPolitics and Policy
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StatePublished - 1 Jun 2023


  • Abraham Accords
  • Arab states
  • Middle East
  • President Trump
  • UAE
  • United States
  • joint comprehensive plan of action
  • media coverage
  • peace agreement

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