Principles of alluvial fan morphology

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This book offers a comprehensive overview of the alluvial fan phenomena, including all terminology, morphology, sedimentology, controlling factors, processes and the human impact. It combines the knowledge dispersed widely in existing literature with regional case studies, color figures and photographs. The chapters provide a useful basis to understand alluvial fans and a selection of papers attached to each chapter offers additional, more focused reading. This volume is aimed at engineers, planners and especially students in earth sciences.

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PublisherSpringer Netherlands
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ISBN (Electronic)9789402415582
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StatePublished - 1 Jan 2018


  • Alluvial Fan Morphology
  • Alluvial fan phenomena
  • Dead Sea Arava Rift Valley
  • Human Impact and Climatic Control
  • Sedimentology
  • Understanding alluvial fans

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