Promoting technological literacy among mathematics, science and technology teachers: A graduate studies course

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This paper addresses a graduate course aimed at fostering technological literacy among K-12 mathematics, science and technology teachers. The course includes: 1) discussing broad questions, such as what is technology and how technology relates to other fields, for example, mathematics, science and engineering; 2) learning a specific subject in technology, for example, basic concepts in control systems; and 3) experiencing the process of designing, constructing and improving a technological system, for example, robotics. Students' performance in the course and their very positive reflections on this experience indicate that individuals having a background in exact sciences are frequently interested in learning technological concepts and are capable of handling relatively challenging technological tasks in a short time. Based on our experience, it is suggested to adapt the following guidelines in designing programs aimed at fostering technological literacy: linking what is learned in the class to participants' daily lives or professional interests; learning through hands-on activities in a rich technological environment; fostering peer-learning and collaboration in the class; and encouraging participants to reflect on their learning.

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JournalASEE Annual Conference and Exposition, Conference Proceedings
StatePublished - 1 Jan 2010
Event2010 ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition - Louisville, KY, United States
Duration: 20 Jun 201023 Jun 2010

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