Quasistatic principles in the macroscopic electrodynamics of bianisotropic media

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Only very few theoretical results in macroscopic electrodynamics of bianisotropic composites have necessary experimental justifications. This fact, it seems, is not accidental. Artificial bianisotropic materials based on a composition of helices and Ω particles do not meet the requirements of macroscopic electrodynamics of condensed media. Our standpoint is based on the principle that in the description of the electromagnetic properties of a bianisotropic medium, one has to be able to separate the microscopic and macroscopic levels of consideration. In other words, specific properties of a bianisotropic medium should be defined separately from macroscopic Maxwell’s equations. In this paper we formulate some principles that should underlie the main laws of macroscopic electrodynamics of bianisotropic media. Our consideration is based on the notion of two types of dual quasistatic (quasimagnetostatic and quasielectrostatic) bianisotropic particles.

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JournalPhysical Review E
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StatePublished - 1 Jan 1998
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