Radical activism and autonomous contestation ‘from within’: The gay centre in tel aviv

Chen Misgav

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The attributes deemed characteristic of modern cities anonymity, consumption, diversity hence play a role in facilitating a more diverse range of sexual behaviours. This chapter examines the residential mobility of gays and lesbians using an empirically informed study to better understand the socially differentiated ways in which people inhabit and experience urban space. The chapter shows the heuristic dimension in order to enrich the geography of sexualities through an approach based on forms of mobility that articulate the analysis of the shape of the paths, the spatial imaginations that inform them and the desires that can potentially transform them. For some gays and lesbians, the French capital is apparently viewed as a haven and a place where they can hope for durable or even permanent residence. The environment and reuniting with the family appear as the primary motivations for geographical mobility. Paris is often described as lacking green spaces, as a polluted, stressful and expensive city.

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StatePublished - 1 Jan 2016
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