Renewed Excavations at Beisamoun: Investigating the 7th Millennium cal. BC of the Southern Levant

Fanny Bocquentin, Hamoudi Khalaily, Daniella Bar-Yosef Mayer, Francesco Berna, Rebecca Biton, Doron Boness, Laure Dubreuil, Aline Emery-Barbier, Harris Greenberg, Yuval Goren, Liora Kolska Horwitz, Gaëlle Le Dosseur, Omri Lernau, Henk Mienis, Valentin Boris, Nicolas Samuelian

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International audienceThe site of Beisamoun is located on the western side of the marshes of the former Hula Lake in the upper Jordan Valley,in the northern part of the Southern Levant. It is known as a major Middle and Late Pre-Pottery Neolithic B settlementfrom excavations and surveys undertaken by A. Assaf, J. Perrot and M. Lechevallier and colleagues up to the 1970’s.However, the phases currently being excavated (under the direction of F. Bocquentin and H. Khalaily) represent a latersettlement. Ongoing field work has uncovered about 300 m² with five occupation levels. Radiocarbon dates as well as theflint assemblage, the architectural remains, the funerary practices and the absence of pottery indicate a cultural attributionto the Pre-Pottery Neolithic C, dated to the first half of the 7th millennium BC.We present here the results of six excavation seasons (2007–2012), including the geoarchaeological background of thesite and its surroundings, the stratigraphy, sediment micromorphology, palynology and architecture, as well as preliminaryresults from analyses of some of the finds including human burials, lithics, groundstone artifacts, personal ornaments,bone tools and faunal remains
Original languageEnglish GB
JournalMitekufat Haeven: Journal of the Israel Prehistoric Society/מתקופת האבן
StatePublished - 1 Jan 2014


  • Beisamoun
  • Hula Basin
  • Pre-Pottery Neolithic B
  • Pre-Pottery Neolithic C
  • Bladelet production
  • Hunting
  • Micromorphology
  • Funerary practices
  • Environment
  • Tool production
  • [SHS.ANTHRO-BIO]Humanities and Social Sciences/Biological anthropology
  • [SHS.ARCHEO]Humanities and Social Sciences/Archaeology and Prehistory


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