Researching against Othering

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This chapter discusses the specific potential of triangulation in the context of vulnerability and advocacy on a methodological level for multiple methods approaches and for examples of research. Prerequisites for Target-Oriented Health Care by the Advisory Council on the Assessment of Developments in the Health Care System concerning primary prevention for vulnerable groups in particular homeless people. Denzin (1970) suggested several levels of triangulation. This research focuses on sleeping problems in nursing homes for the elderly and ways of dealing with this often underestimated problem. For the elderly, sleeping problems are often an epiphenomenon of a psychiatric or internist basic disease. If the cause is dementia, depression, or physical disease, that should be treated before undertaking therapy with sleeping pills. The residents are finally responsible for abuse of and addictions to sleeping pills. These doctor's statements reveal rather indifferent ideas about the addiction potentials of sleep medications.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationQualitative Inquiry and the Politics of Advocacy
EditorsNorman K. Denzin, Michael D. Giardina
PublisherRoutledge, Taylor & Francis Group
Number of pages20
ISBN (Electronic)9781315421452
ISBN (Print)9781611321630, 9781611321623
StatePublished - Apr 2012


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