Searched and found? The association between use of health information sources and success in getting the desired information

Dennis Rosenberg

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Background: Although many health information seeking studies are concerned with longer range outcomes (e.g. patient-provider communication) the immediate outcomes for the searchers are whether they found the desired information, for whom and how successfully. Objectives: To examine the association between health information seeking via various sources and the reported extent of success in getting the desired information the information needs perspective. Methods: Data were obtained from the 2017 Israel Social Survey and analysed using multinomial regression models. The sample included individuals who reported engaging in seeking health information prior to the survey and mentioned the extent of success in obtaining the desired health information (fully, partially, or not-at-all) (N = 2197). Multinominal regression technique served for the multivariable analysis. Discussion: Engagement in health information seeking via friends, family and using various websites (excluding those by Ministry of Health and Health Funds) was associated with the increased likelihood of partial success in getting the desired information. Education level and population group, affected level of success. Conclusions: The (partial) success in meeting health consumers' information needs is associated with the turn to particular sources. Public health professionals and health provider institutions should improve provision and delivery of health information to meet consumer health information needs.

Original languageEnglish
JournalHealth Information and Libraries Journal
StateAccepted/In press - 1 Jan 2022
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  • Israel
  • consumer health information
  • health information needs
  • information seeking behaviour
  • public health
  • statistical methods
  • statistical models

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