Sex, love and laughter

Ami Rokach, Itzhak Zahy Ben Zion

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Sex, Love and Laughter was written by two experts in the field, and as its name implies, the book discusses sexuality, relationships and love in a lighthearted fashion. The book is composed of descriptions of our emotional, psychological and physical functioning which affect sexuality. Theoretical descriptions, questions that we are frequently asked along with the answers we provide, as well as tips about sexuality, sexual practices and intimate relationships are described in everyday language peppered by humorous stories and accounts from our clinical practices, relevant jokes, and 'pearls' uttered by public figures. This comprehensive, easy to understand, yet humorously written book addresses healthy and dysfunctional relationships, fulfilling sex, and unsatisfying sexual escapades. It can be read for learning, enriching good relationships, learning new things about sex, its humor, and getting a behind-the-door look at what actually happens in a sexual therapist's office. It's a riveting look at what people like, dislike and request as far as sex and love are concerned. Some of the topics include such sections on: the beauty and pain of love; love, sex and what's between them; sterile sex; men and women; many ways to enjoy sex - frontal, back door, orally and manually; GPS to the G Spot; sex in later years; and the pathway to love and laughter.

Original languageEnglish
PublisherNova Science Publishers, Inc.
Number of pages151
ISBN (Electronic)9781634832939
ISBN (Print)9781634832588
StatePublished - 1 Sep 2015

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