Shuni: A new middle bronze iia domestic site on the northern bank of nahal tanninim

Amir Gorzalczany

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According to excavations and surveys in the Sharon area, the process of reurbanization of Eretz Israel during the early phases of the MBIIA occurred along the Coastal Plain. This meant there was a concentration of population in large, fortified cities in the Sharon Plain. During the MBIIB there was a demographic shift: These sites were abandoned and settlement moved southwards, especially to the southern Coastal Plain and western Negev. The artefacts found at Shuni Site 18, located at the southern tip of the Carmel ridge, indicate that it was a small, rural, unfortified village. As such, it may represent the first stage of a settlement wave in the northern Sharon area and fill a gap in the data about the MBIIA urbanization process there.

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JournalTel Aviv
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StatePublished - 1 Jan 2005

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