Single-Frame Attitude Determination from BGUSAT Earth SWIR Imaging

O. Nisany, A. Shiryaev, D. Choukroun, O. Hadar, L. Aspir, S. Maman, D. Blumberg

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In this work computer vision algorithms are applied to process BGUSAT SWIR images and generate single-frame attitude quaternions. Two types of image processing software were implemented for image registration. ENVI has the drawback of requiring a manual selection of seed tie points. The MATLAB subroutines are automated and lend themselves to autonomous on-board vision-based single-frame attitude estimation. The proposed methodology was successfully tested on a batch of several images taken at various epoch times. Results analysis of the image processing and of the attitude estimation shows that good performances are achieved, and that the method is robust to variations in the base images. The proposed vision-based attitude estimator is expected to yield better accuracy than estimates based on Sun and magnetic field measurements, by at least one order of magnitude.

Original languageEnglish
StatePublished - 1 Jan 2023
Event62nd Israel Annual Conference on Aerospace Sciences, IACAS 2023 - Haifa, Israel
Duration: 15 Mar 202316 Mar 2023


Conference62nd Israel Annual Conference on Aerospace Sciences, IACAS 2023

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  • Aerospace Engineering


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