Smartphones, publics, and OPR: Do publics want to engage?

Ruth Avidar, Yaron Ariel, Vered Malka, Eilat Chen Levy

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Smartphones offer new opportunities for public-organization engagement. The current study focuses on the actual usage of smartphones, as well as users' willingness to engage with organizations via smartphones. A survey among a representative sample of 515 Israeli smartphone users, and 60 personal, in-depth interviews with undergraduate students were conducted. The findings show that interaction between organizations and publics through smartphones exists, but at a lower rate compared to other activities, and that users perceive engagement as beneficial primarily for organizations but as less beneficial to themselves. The findings also emphasize the importance of practicing participatory engagement rather than one-way engagement.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)214-221
Number of pages8
JournalPublic Relations Review
Issue number2
StatePublished - 1 Jun 2015
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  • Engagement
  • Relationship building
  • Smartphone

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  • Communication
  • Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management
  • Marketing


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