Software Engineering Analytics—The Need of Post COVID-19 Business: An Academic Review

Somayya Madakam, Rajeev K. Revulagadda

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“Man Proposes, God Disposes”. COVID-19; the unexpected pandemic decease is a good testimony of the above proverb by exemplifying global business operations shutting down. Pre COVID-19, the business across the globe more or less are planned one; running smoothly; trying to reach their goals and objectives; satisfying the customers, finally leading to leapfrog the companies’ profits. This was the scenario, before the coronavirus; the alias of COVID-19 pandemic, which was germinated in one of the most scientific cities in china; Wuhan. Entire world business collapsed; another global economic recession after 2008; touching all the continents, countries, business, tribes, religions, lifestyles, as well as professional lives. No medicine was unable to save the lakhs of human life from contamination. Even different country leaders practised various preventive methods in order to cure the decease to save human life. In this light, this book chapter will explore the state of the art of COVID-19 across the globe with respect to business. The entire data analysis is based on secondary on-line data and thematically narrated. The book chapter furtherly discussed in detail connotes, process and state of art of software engineering and software analytics in business for sustainability. The analysis reveals that software analytics technology is the only industry lightly affected, should grow rapidly and it is the only solution provider to improve the process, and sustain business via better-automated software. In long term incurs less cost, time management, less manual intervention, integration of enterprise departments, virtual meetings, and e-commerce are the beauty of software analytics.

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Title of host publicationModeling and Optimization in Science and Technologies
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StatePublished - 1 Jan 2021
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