Solar fiber-optic mini-dish concentrators: First experimental results and field experience

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    The experimental realization and field experience of a recently proposed solar fiber-optic mini-dish concentrator are reported. The prototype is 200 mm in diameter. We have repeatably transported concentrated sunlight in a one-millimeter-diameter optical fiber and measured flux levels of 11-12 kilosuns at a remote target (up to 20 m away). The prototype-assembled from off-the-shelf parts and customized items that rely solely upon existing commercial technologies-proved impervious to dust penetration and condensation. For the particular application of solar surgery, dielectric second-stage concentrators were designed and fiber tips were sculpted to boost flux concentration by a factor of 2 to 4, for light extraction into air and tissue, respectively. Our findings strengthen the feasibility of the efficient and complete de-coupling of the collection and remote delivery of highly concentrated solar radiation.

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    JournalSolar Energy
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    StatePublished - 23 Aug 2002

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