Solitary wave solutions of the high-order KdV models for bi-directional water waves

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An approach, which allows us to construct specific closed-form solitary wave solutions for the KdV-like water-wave models obtained through the Boussinesq perturbation expansion for the two-dimensional water wave problem in the limit of long wavelength/small amplitude waves, is developed. The models are relevant to the case of the bi-directional waves with the amplitude of the left-moving wave of O(ε{lunate}) (ε{lunate} is the amplitude parameter) as compared with that of the right-moving wave. We show that, in such a case, the Boussinesq system can be decomposed into a system of coupled equations for the right- and left-moving waves in which, to any order of the expansion, one of the equations is dependent only on the (main) right-wave elevation and takes the form of the high-order KdV equation with arbitrary coefficients whereas the second equation includes both elevations. Then the explicit solitary wave solutions constructed via our approach may be treated as the exact solutions of the infinite-order perturbed KdV equations for the right-moving wave with the properly specified high-order coefficients. Such solutions include, in a sense, contributions of all orders of the asymptotic expansion and therefore may be considered to a certain degree as modelling the solutions of the original water wave problem under proper initial conditions. Those solitary waves, although stemming from the KdV solitary waves, possess features found neither in the KdV solitons nor in the solutions of the first order perturbed KdV equations.

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JournalCommunications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation
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StatePublished - 1 Mar 2011


  • High order KdV equations
  • Lie-Bäcklund groups
  • Solitary wave solutions
  • Water wave models

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