Speaking "Green": A worldwide survey on collaboration among stakeholders in Urban park design and management

Francesca Ugolini, Giovanni Sanesi, Anna Steidle, David Pearlmutter

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Urban parks can provide a range of valuable benefits, including essential ecosystem services. Their successful management is often in the hands of government agencies, who rely on interaction with other stakeholders for specialized knowledge. In order to examine the attitudes of different actors toward professional collaboration and to identify ways of improving the effectiveness of knowledge transfer, a global survey was conducted among the members of theWorld Urban Parks (WUP) association. The results show that representatives of public agencies, due to their lower level of up-to-date knowledge, have a pressing need for collaboration with private practitioners, academic researchers, and community advocates. Interactive, face-to-face learning is most valued, especially if it includes practical as well as theoretical information. Most respondents indicated that 'personal contacts' are more important than professional affiliation for the initiation of new collaborations, and for many, the possibilities for joint creativity are the most highly prioritized benefits. Obstacles to be addressed include 'bureaucracy' and a 'divergence of interests or approaches among stakeholders', indicating the need for a "common language"-i.e., "speaking green"-which may accommodate diverse priorities and concerns. In accomplishing this, a special role is seen for international professional associations that can help to build bridges between countries and professions.

Original languageEnglish
Article number458
Issue number8
StatePublished - 1 Aug 2018


  • Ecosystem services
  • Green infrastructure
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Professional associations
  • Urban forestry

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