Stability and change as reflected in teachers' educational fantasies

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The article aims to reveal teachers' dispositions concerning stability and change in the field of schooling and to suggest some possible connection to the social space. Forty teachers who attended a principals' training course were asked to write educational fantasies regarding their 'dream school'. A content analysis of the fantasies showed similarities, such as: respecting student diversity, core curriculum and subjects of choice, a variety of teaching methods and a rich physical environment, and differences regarding: time and space configuration, classroom size and the schoolyard and recreation area. Most (75%) of the desired models view the school as preparing the student for society, while 25% perceive it as a place for the fulfilment of students' potential. The conclusion is that educational reforms are likely to succeed if they follow the trend toward more diversity, choice and pluralism, but at the same time respect the areas of difference. Further research is needed to elaborate on the educational fantasy as a research tool.

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JournalInternational Studies in Sociology of Education
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StatePublished - 1 Jan 2004

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