Stanene: Atomically Thick Free-standing Layer of 2D Hexagonal Tin

Sumit Saxena, Raghvendra Pratap Chaudhary, Shobha Shukla

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Stanene is one of most important of 2D materials due to its potential to demonstrate room temperature topological effects due to opening of spin-orbit gap. In this pursuit we report synthesis and investigation of optical properties of stanene up to few layers, a two-dimensional hexagonal structural analogue of graphene. Atomic scale morphological and elemental characterization using HRTEM equipped with SAED and EDAX detectors confirm the presence of hexagonal lattice of Sn atoms. The position of Raman peak along with the inter-planar d' spacing obtained from SAED for prepared samples are in good agreement with that obtained from first principles calculations and confirm that the sheets are not (111) α-Sn sheets. Further, the optical signature calculated using density functional theory at ∼191 nm and ∼233 nm for low buckled stanene are in qualitative agreement with the measured UV-Vis absorption spectrum. AFM measurements suggest interlayer spacing of ∼0.33 nm in good agreement with that reported for epitaxial stanene sheets. No traces of oxygen were observed in the EDAX spectrum suggesting the absence of any oxidized phases. This is also confirmed by Raman measurements by comparing with oxidized stanene sheets.

Original languageEnglish
Article number31073
JournalScientific Reports
StatePublished - 5 Aug 2016
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