Status of the NEXT project

The Next Collaboration

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The NEXT program is developing the technology of high-pressure Xe gas Time Projection Chambers with electroluminescent amplification (HPXe-EL) for neutrinoless double beta decay searches in 136Xe. After completing the first phase of the program with prototypes containing ∼1 kg Xe, the collaboration presently operates the NEXT-White demonstrator. NEXT-White is a 1:2 model NEXT-100, planned for construction in 2020, which will serve as a 100 kg-scale demonstrator of the HPXe-EL technology towards detector masses on the ton-scale. This contribution focuses on the latest results from NEXT-White on energy resolution, topology and background rate, and briefly discusses the future plans of the collaboration.


  • Neutrinoless double beta decay
  • Rare-event searches
  • TPC

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  • Nuclear and High Energy Physics
  • Instrumentation


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