Step-Index (Semi-Immersed) Model for Photonic Nanojet and Experimental Characterization via Near-Field Optical Microscopy with Microcylinder

Tal Elbaz, Ankit Chauhan, Aviran Halstuch, Gil Shalev, Alina Karabchevsky

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Experimental limitations such as design complexity and low optical throughput have prevented photonic nanojet (PNJ) and photonic hook (PH) measurements from demonstrating and characterizing the implementation of narrow intense electromagnetic beams generated from dielectric microelements with circular symmetry. Near-fields optical microscopy can mitigate these limitations and still present a capability of detecting a highly localized electromagnetic beam for applications in step-index media. Here we model a localized PNJ and PH formation in step-index media. We show that despite negligible refractive index contrast between the water ((Formula presented.)) and silica microcylinder (∼1.1), a formation of PNJ and PH is observed with equivalent performance compared to that of silica microcylinder embedded in air ((Formula presented.)). This model features a practical fiber source and silica microcylinder as an auxiliary structure. Simultaneously, we performed experimental characterization of a photonic nanojet generated from an optical fiber and studied the resulting near-fields. Our electromagnetic simulation results are in good agreement with the experimental ones, demonstrating a full width at half maximum (FHWM) with a relative error of 0.64%. This system will make fiber-based nanojet realization and characterization accessible and practical for optics and laser engineering applications, super-resolution imaging, and nanolithography.

Original languageEnglish
Article number1033
Issue number6
StatePublished - 1 Mar 2023


  • near-field
  • optical fiber
  • photonic hook
  • photonic nano jet

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