Studies in Sephardic Culture: Gender and Identity

Tamar Alexander-Frizer (Editor), Jacob Bentolila (Editor), Ivana Burdelez (Editor), Karen Gerson Sarhon, Eliezer Papo (Editor)

Research output: Contribution to journalSpecial Issuepeer-review


This issue of El Prezente is devoted to the topic of “gender and identity.” The articles are based on lectures given at the International Conference on “The Jewish Women” held in Dubrovnik at the Center for Mediterranean Studies of Zagreb University under the chairmanship of Prof. Ivana Burdelez and in conjunction with the Moshe David Gaon Center for Ladino Culture directed by Prof. Tamar Alexander and the Ottoman-Turkish Sephardic Cultural Research Center directed by Karen Gerson Sarhon. Forty lecturers took part in the conference, seventeen of whom chose to expand and elaborate their lectures in order to fit the format of an academic article. These seventeen articles are presented here, each of them in the original language in which the lecture was given: Spanish, English, Italian, and French.

Original languageEnglish GB
Number of pages11
JournalEl Prezente - studies in Sephardic culture
StatePublished - 2009


  • Jewish women
  • Jews
  • Sephardim
  • Gender identity


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