Surface plasmon resonance-based fiber optic sensors utilizing molecular imprinting

Banshi D. Gupta, Anand M. Shrivastav, Sruthi P. Usha

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Molecular imprinting is earning worldwide attention from researchers in the field of sensing and diagnostic applications, due to its properties of inevitable specific affinity for the template molecule. The fabrication of complementary template imprints allows this technique to achieve high selectivity for the analyte to be sensed. Sensors incorporating this technique along with surface plasmon or localized surface plasmon resonance (SPR/LSPR) provide highly sensitive real time detection with quick response times. Unfolding these techniques with optical fiber provide the additional advantages of miniaturized probes with ease of handling, online monitoring and remote sensing. In this review a summary of optical fiber sensors using the combined approaches of molecularly imprinted polymer (MIP) and the SPR/LSPR technique is discussed. An overview of the fundamentals of SPR/LSPR implementation on optical fiber is provided. The review also covers the molecular imprinting technology (MIT) with its elementary study, synthesis procedures and its applications for chemical and biological anlayte detection with different sensing methods. In conclusion, we explore the advantages, challenges and the future perspectives of developing highly sensitive and selective methods for the detection of analytes utilizing MIT with the SPR/LSPR phenomenon on optical fiber platforms.

Original languageEnglish
Article number1381
JournalSensors (Switzerland)
Issue number9
StatePublished - 1 Sep 2016
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  • Molecular imprinting
  • Optical fiber
  • Sensor
  • Surface plasmon resonance

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  • Atomic and Molecular Physics, and Optics
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