Sustainable Population Growth of Urban Settlements: Preconditions and Criteria

Boris A Portnov, David Pearlmutter

    Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingChapter


    In the previous chapter, two criteria of urban development — the rate of private construction and the migration balance/natural growth index (the MB/NG index) — were used to gauge the performance of desert localities in comparison with urban settlements located elsewhere. In the present chapter, we shall discuss in detail the derivation of the index (MB/NG) and a manner in which it may serve as a general indicator of sustainable population growth. The performance and determinants of this indicator will also be analyzed using a broader settlement sample.
    Original languageEnglish GB
    Title of host publicationDesert Regions
    Number of pages23
    StatePublished - 1999


    • Population Growth
    • Housing Price
    • Natural Growth
    • Urban Locality
    • Urban Settlement


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