Techniques to Derive Estimates for Integral Means and Other Geometric Quantities Related to Conformal Mappings

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We will describe few methods to derive estimates for integral means and for other asymptotic expressions related to conformal mappings. One method will start from classical inequalities for conformal mappings such as the Goluzin inequalities and the exponential Goluzin inequalities. Then the simple idea of approximating integrals with the aid of their Riemann sums will serve us to obtain such estimates. A second method is to start from a certain elementary identity proved by Hardy in 1915 and use it combined with distortion theorems in S to obtain more integrals estimates. Finally, the main result in the author’s Masters thesis which in fact was already known to Bendixon will give us a method to estimate the geometric distance from a point in the image of a conformal mapping to the boundary of this image. The estimate will be in terms of a rather arbitrary sequence in the domain of the definition that converges to the pre-image of the point in the image from which the distance is measured.

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Title of host publicationNew Directions in Function Theory
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StatePublished - 1 Jan 2021

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NameOperator Theory: Advances and Applications
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  • Conformal mappings
  • Distance to the boundary of the image
  • Goluzin inequalities
  • Integral means
  • Schlicht functions

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