The annealing characteristics of LiF:Mg,Ti

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The annealing characteristics of LiF:Mg,Ti are reviewed in detail, and new data concerning some of the standard annealing procedures routinely applied to LiF:Mg,Ti, especially the influence of the reproducibility of the annealing temperature profiles on the dosimetric precision, are presented. Based on these investigations, and based on the criterion that the annealing should be carried out at a temperature where the TL sensitivity is not a rapidly varying function of the annealing temperature, the recommended optimum annealing procedure for LiF:Mg,Ti is: (i) 400 ± 5°C for one hour followed by an accelerated 'natural' air cooling rate of approximately 150°C.min-1; (ii) 75 ± 3°C for 24 h pre-irradiation and/or 110 ± 3°C for 10 min post-irradiation.

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JournalRadiation Protection Dosimetry
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StatePublished - 1 Jan 1990

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