The geopolitics of Jewish Resistance in France

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This article focuses on the role of cities in the development of the Jewish Resistance in France. It tracks the movement of the Jewish population from Paris to cities in the southern, Vichy Zone, and thence to the countryside. It considers the evolution of organizations dedicated to rescue, as well as ideological movements or military groups. Five types of factors were important: (1) the traditional high rate of urbanization of the Jews in France and the resultant social habits that influenced their patterns of concentration during the first waves of internal migration; (2) the evolution of anti-Jewish policy that disrupted this behavior; (3) changes in French public opinion; (4) strategic needs associated with the forms of resistance adopted by each of these movements; and (5) the preference accorded to political aims over assistance and rescue objectives, as the Liberation approached. The analysis shows how functional explanations can be combined with political ones to explain the forms and course of the Jewish Resistance in France.

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JournalHolocaust and Genocide Studies
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StatePublished - Jan 2001

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