The Gestalts of Mind and Text

Chanita Goodblatt, Joseph Glicksohn

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The Gestalts of Mind and Text bridges literary studies and cognitive psychology to provide a unique contribution to the field of Cognitive Literary Studies. The book presents an investigation of metaphor in poetic texts, adopting and developing empirical methods used by Gestalt Psychology, while integrating concepts informed by Gestalt Psychology.

The title indicates an intellectual tradition, to be termed the Gestalt of the Mind, that begins with the Würzburg School of Psychology and its subsequent development into Gestalt Psychology, which provides a rich heritage for the field of Cognitive Literary Studies. The title further indicates an intellectual and creative tradition, to be termed the Gestalt of the Text, applied to various literary schools (Medieval, Early Modern, Modernist). Finally, the Gestalt-Interaction Theory of Metaphor delineates the potentialities for different types of readings of poetic metaphor. This book further makes three significant contributions: the first is the focus on the empirical investigation of metaphor in poetic texts; the second is the integration of the aspects of problem-solving, bidirectionality of metaphor, embodied cognition and the grotesque, in analyzing poetic texts and verbal protocols; and the third is the focus on various literary traditions, spanning languages and periods.

The goal of this book is to present an interdisciplinary study of the Gestalts of Mind and Text. This will be of interest to a varied audience, including cognitive psychologists, literary scholars, researchers in aesthetics, scholars of metaphor and those with an interest in intellectual history.

Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationAbingdon, Oxon; New York, NY
PublisherRoutledge, Taylor & Francis Group
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ISBN (Electronic)9780429329531
ISBN (Print)9780367350710
StatePublished - 13 May 2022

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