The glass and small stone finds from a Roman tomb at Ein el-Sha'ara

Ruth E. Jackson-Tal

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Twenty-five glass vessels were recovered from the Roman tomb at 'Ein el-Sha'ara, 19 of which are presented. Forty beads were also retrieved from the tomb, 15 of glass, one of faience and one of carnelian. Three stone inlays are made of quartz, agate and an unidentified stone. A glass spindle whorl was also uncovered. All the glass vessels were free-blown, some decorated with applied trails or indentations. The majority of the vessels are of colorless or greenish blue glass, a few are pale green or blue. Most of this assemblage represents the contents of a family burial tomb that was in use for a long period during the third-fourth centuries CE, and includes personal and tableware vessels typical of similarly dated burial contexts throughout Israel.

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