The hierarchy of mobile phone incorporation among older users

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Older people use mobile telephones extensively, yet little is known about the relevant domestication processes. Employing usage variety as an indicator, this study explores levels of mobile phone incorporation among older users, based on an online cross-European survey of 1,039 individuals aged 60 and up. Results displayed a four-level pyramid structure of mobile phone incorporation with voice calling at its base, proceeding through basic functions and Internet-based functions to media player at its apex. The two upper levels were negatively associated with reported “old” media use (e.g., television, radio) and positively correlated with use of more advanced technology-based media. Younger age, higher education and income, work force participation, and residence in Italy or Israel predicted higher levels of mobile phone incorporation. The findings suggested that the incorporation phase of mobile phone domestication by older Internet users comprises various subphases and that level of incorporation depends on one’s personal and cultural background. Furthermore, results demonstrated that mobile phones replace old media to some extent and complement the use of other new media.

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JournalMobile Media and Communication
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StatePublished - 1 May 2016


  • Cross-national study
  • Media displacement
  • Mobile/cell phones
  • Old age
  • Technology Domestication

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