The integration of digital games in elementary schools: The principals’ point of view

Sofia Hodedatov, Orit Avidov-Ungar, Merav Hayak

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The goal of the current study was to examine the perceptions of elementary school principals regarding the value of integrating digital games in teaching and learning and the steps they take to promote this initiative. The study was conducted using a qualitative-narrative methodology to analyze data retrieved through semi-structured in-depth interviews conducted with 18 school principals. The findings demonstrated that the school principals had a positive attitude toward the integration of digital games in teaching although they are not experts in this field. They described several steps they take to promote digital games integration in teaching: (1) systemwide strategic steps, which include formulating a vision and mission; promoting teachers’ professional development; and resource allocation; (2) individual-initiatives, which include modeling; empowering teachers; and creating a leadership group among the teachers. These steps are perceived as creating “islands of innovation,” which are meant to infiltrate into the organizational culture of the school, so as to become integral and sustainable practices. These findings may help create new official policies for integrating digital games at school, thus instilling a change in the school culture. The study underscores the important role of school principals as agents of change in this context.

Original languageEnglish
JournalEducation and Information Technologies
StateAccepted/In press - 1 Jan 2024


  • Digital games
  • Elementary schools
  • Integration of digital games
  • Islands of innovation
  • Principals’ perceptions

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  • Library and Information Sciences


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