The mixed peierls phase and metallic polyacetylene

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The Peierls condensate with density ρ{variant} near 1 electron per atom is studied and an effective phase-amplitude Hamiltonian is derived. It is shown that a Hartree-Fock theory removes the ρ{variant} → 1 singularity and the phase field exists even at ρ{variant} = 1. The charge carriers are attracting solitons and the lock-in transition is of first order. If ρ{variant} is fixed near 1 the condensate will separate into a commensurate phase (ρ{variant} = 1) and an incommensurate phase (ρ{variant} ≠ 1). These results can account for the unusual features of doped polyacetylene.

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JournalSolid State Communications
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StatePublished - 1 Jan 1980
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