The rise and fall (?) of hội an, a UNESCOa world heritage site in Vietnam

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The title of UNESCO “World Heritage Site” is a much desired mark erof quality tourism. Yet social scientists rarely discuss the designation’s impact on specific locales, the programme’s effectiveness or its negative effects. Ethnographic fieldwork conducted at the World Heritage Site of Hội An in Vietnam since 1998 permits exploration of the practices, processes and outcomes of achieving World Heritage Site status, as well as of the impact of that status on the lives of local people. The World Heritage project fails in its approach to cultural heritage in less affluent destinations, hardly protects material heritage and possibly contributes to the destruction of the sites that it aims to protect.

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StatePublished - 1 Jan 2015


  • Cultural destruction
  • Heritage
  • Hội An
  • Tourism
  • Vietnam
  • World Heritage Sites

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