"The Sound of Cannons has Subsided" – On Three Israeli Army Novels

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Within the framework of, or alongside, the genre of war literature it is
possible to discern a more or less distinct sub-genre of army literature. In
contrast to war literature, which focuses on the combat activity that stems
from a clash between rival armies, army literature focuses on what might be
called the military way of being, a way of being that is not necessarily related
to war and that can exist in isolation from any warlike situation. This article
aims to analyze three significant Israeli army novels: Hitganvut Yehidim by
Yehoshua Kenaz, Lochdey Arikim o Roman al Mishtara Tzva'it by Amnon
Navot, and Am, Ma'achal Melachim by Yitzhak Laor. These novels were
chosen both because they are excellent representatives of the corpus, and
because each of them embodies a different poetic model. Breaking the army
theme through the prisms of various poetic models makes it possible for the
literary system to shed light on it in a multifaceted, rich and complex way. At
the same time, it provides a platform for examining the unique
characteristics, the diffentia specifica of each of these poetic models.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1-45
JournalBGU Review: A Journal of Israeli Culture
StatePublished - 2017


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