The Thirty-Year Genocide: Turkey's Destruction of its Christian Minorities, 1894-1924

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A new understanding of the three waves of ethno-religious violence that swept Turkey from the last days of the Ottoman Empire to the early years of the Turkish Republic, arguing that all three were part of one purposeful genocidal program.-- "Between 1894 and 1924, three waves of violence swept across Anatolia, targeting the region's Christian minorities, who had previously accounted for 20 percent of the population. By 1924, the Armenians, Assyrians, and Greeks had been reduced to 2 percent. Most historians have treated these waves as distinct, isolated events, and successive Turkish governments presented them as an unfortunate sequence of accidents. The Thirty-Year Genocide is the first account to show that the three were actually part of a single, continuing, and intentional effort to wipe out Anatolia's Christian population. The years in question, the most violent in the recent history of the region, began during the reign of the Ottoman sultan Abdulhamid II, continued under the Young Turks, and ended during the first years of the Turkish Republic founded by Ataturk. Yet despite the dramatic swing from the Islamizing autocracy of the sultan to the secularizing republicanism of the post-World War I period, the nation's annihilationist policies were remarkably constant, with continual recourse to premeditated mass killing, homicidal deportation, forced conversion, mass rape, and brutal abduction. And one thing more was a constant: the rallying cry of jihad. While not justified under the teachings of Islam, the killing of two million Christians was effected through the calculated exhortation of the Turks to create a pure Muslim nation"--
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PublisherHarvard University Press
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StatePublished - 2019


  • Christians
  • Kemalism
  • Persécutions
  • Politique et gouvernemen
  • Turkey
  • Question arménienne
  • Armenian question
  • Religious minorities
  • Persecution
  • Arméniens, Massacres des (1894-1896)
  • Genocide
  • Minorités religieuses


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