The three-nucleon problems with weak NN interaction

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We consider the three-nucleon system in which each two-nucleon pair interacts both strongly and weakly. The strong part is assumed to be separable but an addition of small non-separable term is possible. The weak two-nucleon interaction (which is absolutely non-separable) is assumed to be given in terms of its partial wave components in momentum space. These elements have been calculated by Lassey and McKellar starting from recent models of non-relativistic (strangeness conserving non-leotonic) NN weak interaction. An expression for the weak part of the elastic nucleon-deuteron scattering amplitude is derived within the framework of two potential scattering theory. The weak three-body driving terms are explicitly evaluated. They reflect weak form factors responsible for the weak dissociation of two nucleon isobars (including parity impurity of the deuteron wave function) as well as weak NN scattering. The expressions appearing below are numerically tractable and can be used to elaborate on previous calculations.

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StatePublished - 16 May 1983

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