The Wallkeepers: Monitoring the Israeli-Arab Conflict

Dan Caspi, Danny Rubinstein

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The chapter describes the way in which the mass media have handled the occupation. It suggests that Israel has concentrated on building an "Information Wall" that separates between the Arab and the Israeli societies, blocking information on what is happening in Palestinian society in particular-and thus perpetuating reciprocal stereotypes. The "Information Wall" grew higher as the physical distance between the rival populations decreased, remaining stable and effective after occupation of the territories. The Wallkeepers are developing immanent interests in perpetuating the "Information Wall" which is far more difficult to topple than a physical wall.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationThe Impacts of Lasting Occupation
Subtitle of host publicationLessons from Israeli Society
EditorsDaniel Bar-Tal, Izhak Schnell
PublisherOxford University Press
ISBN (Electronic)9780199979950
ISBN (Print)9780199862184
StatePublished - Dec 2012


  • Arab world
  • Censorship
  • Closure
  • Image
  • Israel
  • Mass media
  • Stereotypes

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