They're hounding Bishara because he's right

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Israel's General Security Services (Shabak) have charged Azmi Bishara for "aiding the enemy" during Israel's war against Hizballah and Lebanon. Azmi Bishara have ruined Israel's democracy but at the same time demanded for democratization and equality for Palestinian. Even with the elimination of Bishara within the political field, his spirit, ideas and principles will still remain. Shabak accuses Bishara of having a military support and supplying Hizballah with military information while receiving a huge amount of money. On the contrary, many of the Israelis still believes in him. The incitement against Bishara originated from liberal circles and some part of "the peace camp". Azmi Bishara has challenged the Jewish Israeli society by demanding that Israel should be recognized as a state of all its citizens. This demand is about the anti-democratic and racist foundations and is an aspiration for the democratization and eliminates factors that lead to discrimination and the dispossession of Israel's Arab citizens. The National Democratic Assembly (NDA) and some other Arab MKs faced incitement, investigation and vulgar aggression from broadcasters and journalists. Although done for the whole recognition of Israel, Bishara's national attitude is extreme and illegitimate.

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StatePublished - 1 Jun 2007

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