Toward novel polyacetals by transacetalation techniques: Dendrimeric diacetals

N. Gabriel Lemcoff, Benzion Fuchs

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(equation presented) A new approach to polyacetal systems using sequential transacetalation and protection-deprotection techniques was developed for the preparation of macromolecular polyacetals and applied to secure new dendrimers with 2,4,8,10-tetraoxaspiro[5,5]undecane dendrons from pentaerythritol and polyaldehydes. These novel dendrimers, featuring a 1,3,5-benzene-tricarbaldehyde core, viz., the dodecaol (18) and its hexaacetal (19), were prepared, and molecular modeling revealed peculiar dendron convergent structures above the core, due to intramolecular π-stacking interactions, reinforced by H-bonding of multifunctional termini.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)731-734
Number of pages4
JournalOrganic Letters
Issue number5
StatePublished - 7 Mar 2002
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