Understanding Prospective Teachers’ Task Design Considerations through the Lens of the Theory of Didactical Situations

Wajeeh Daher, Nimer Baya’a, Otman Jaber

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Task design, in general, and task design in a technological environment, is attracting the attention of educational researchers. The present research investigates task design of prospective teachers in the Scratch programming environment. A total of twenty-three female prospective teachers participated in a professional development program. They were in their third academic year majoring in teaching mathematics and computer science in the middle school. The prospective teachers attempted to design mathematics-based programming problems. The present research utilizes the theory of didactical situations in mathematics, specifically the situation types, the paradoxes of the didactical contract and the situation components, to study the task design of the prospective teachers. It does that by focusing on one group of prospective teachers. The research results indicated that the prospective teachers were concerned mainly with the situation of information, situation of reference and situation of action. Doing so, they were concerned with the paradox of the said and the unsaid, the paradox of uncertainty, and the paradox of devolution. In addition, they took care of both algorithmic and creative reasoning. They also took care of students’ devolution, where this devolution was conditioned with following an institutionalization. They were also concerned with giving students autonomy and encouraging decision making regarding the solution of the problem. Furthermore, they planned to enable students’ control over their learning.

Original languageEnglish
Article number417
Issue number3
StatePublished - 1 Feb 2022


  • Didactical situation
  • Mathematics
  • Programming
  • Prospective teachers
  • Scratch
  • Task design
  • Technological environment

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