Update of experience with prostatic cancer

S. Nitecki, A. Kuten, Y. Cohen

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A retrospective analysis of 302 patients with prostatic cancer, referred between 1977-1982, was updated. 15 patients (5%) with Stage A1 disease did not receive any specific treatment, and their 10-year actuarial survival was 77%. 22 (7%) had Stage A2 disease at diagnosis, 82 (27%) Stage B, 88 (29%) Stage C, and 95 (32%) Stage D. Their 10-year actuarial survival rates were 75%, 56%, 38%, and 2%, respectively. The 10-year actuarial survival of patients with well- and moderately well-differentiated adenocarcinoma was 61%, but only 13% in those with poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma (p < 0.001). A total of 116 patients with Stages A2, B and C were treated by irradiation and 71 of them also received prophylactic hormone therapy. The 10-year actuarial survival of those treated by combined irradiation and hormone therapy was 59%, compared to 19% for those treated by irradiation alone (p < 0.02). Our results emphasize the need for early diagnosis of prostatic cancer, using modern diagnostic tools such as transrectal ultrasonography and determination of prostatic specific antigen. They also prove that radiotherapy is effective and curative in a high percentage of patients with disease confined to the pelvis.

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Pages (from-to)261-265, 320, 319
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StatePublished - 1 Jan 1993
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