User or student: constructing the subject in Edtech incubator

Hemy Ramiel

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This research focuses on ‘sociotechnical imaginaries’ about education and learning emanating from the Edtech research and development sector. MindCet, the first Edtech incubator in Israel, aims to bring ‘disruptive innovation’ to the educational field, mainly by bringing in tech start-ups with their problem solving culture and practices. This centre acts as an intermediary between techno-business and education. Based on Biesta’s notion of ‘the new language of learning,’ my research shows how the learning imagined and constructed in techno-business production casts the student as a ‘user.’ I will argue that the construction of learners as ‘users,’ not ‘students,’ is crucial to understanding education technology production and discourse. This user-focused understanding of learning has implications for the commodification and depoliticization of education, and is an important factor in neo-liberal educational reforms and venture philanthropy interventions, both globally and locally.

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StatePublished - 4 Jul 2019
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  • Edtech
  • Education technology
  • STS
  • entrepreneurship
  • learnification
  • sociotechnical imaginaries
  • start-ups incubator
  • user

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