Vaidurya-A concept-based, context-sensitive search engine for clinical guidelines

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A major problem in the effective use of clinical guidelines is fast and accurate access at the point of care. Thus, we are developing a digital electronic guideline library (DeGeL) and a set of tools for incremental conversion of free-text guidelines into increasingly machine-comprehensible representations, which support automated application. Even if guidelines are represented, in electronic fashion, care providers need to be able to quickly retrieve the guidelines that best fit the clinical situation at hand. We describe Vaidurya, a search and retrieval engine that exploits the hybrid nature of guideline representation in the De-. GeL architecture. Vaidurya can use not only free-text keywords, but also multiple semantic indices along which the guidelines are classified, and the mark up of guidelines in DeGeL, using the semantic roles of one or more guideline-representation languages. Preliminary evaluation of Vaidurya in a standard information task and a large guideline repository is encouraging; formal evaluation is under way.

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JournalStudies in Health Technology and Informatics
StatePublished - 1 Jan 2004


  • Information Retrieval
  • clinical practice guidelines
  • context-sensitive search

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